Thursday, May 4, 2017

30 Day Challenge: Day 7

Courtesy of Off Hiatus Baseball Cards

Day 7: A Card You Bought In Person And The Story Behind It

2015 Topps Pittsburgh Pirates #PIP-1 Andrew McCutchen

Pharrell's song "Happy" is one of Andrew's favorites. No surprise. He's one of those never-had-a-bad-day guys - as well as the only player with a top-3 NL MVP Award finish each of the last three years.

OK, I guess this isn't what was meant by the story behind it. It's an amusing antidote at the very least. My story behind this card, isn't very exciting though. Almost every year for the past 5 years, my father-in-law, our friend, and I have been making trips down to Florida to enjoy some Spring Training games. We'll go see different teams at different stadiums, depending on who is playing and the cost of tickets. Pirates games in Bradenton have become one of our favorite spots. I had finished watching the Pirates beat the Rays, and headed to the gift shop. I found some cheap shirts for my daughters, and headed to the checkout line. It was there that I spied they had about 3 dozen of the 2015 Topps Pirates team sets on clearance for $1 each. I couldn't pass that up.

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