Monday, May 8, 2017

30 Day Challenge: Day 9

Courtesy of Off Hiatus Baseball Cards

Day 9: One Of Your Favorite Cards From The 1950s

As I'm trying to stick with what is in my collection if possible, this is an easy one.

1955 Bowman #9 Gil McDougald
This is the only card from the 50s I own. I vaguely remember picking this up at a card show, thinking it was cool just because it was so old, even if it was a Yankee card. My copy is a little better cut than this one from TCDB. I may have to scan mine and look into swapping it out.


  1. Love the old TV design. My local dealer had some of these for sale not long ago, in poor shape, but cheap. (about a dollar each). I didn't get any of them and now I wish I had, the design being so good as it is.

  2. I agree, the TV set design is fantastic! Even in poor shape, they would have been worth a buck each!