Monday, May 1, 2017

AL All-Star Ballots (You Had A Good April Edition)

MLB just released their online ballots for this year's All-Star game. I usually avoid casting a ballot this early, because we've only played one month. Still, I thought it's be fun to look it over and see who I would pick right now. Later in June, when I'll actually cast my ballots, I'll revisit this and see if I've changed my mind anywhere.

I'll do the AL today, and the NL tomorrow.

First Base:

I'm going to be honest - the list of first basemen doesn't impress me much so far. I have to give the nod to the future Hall of Famer:

2017 Topps Heritage #364 Miguel Cabrera (AS)
 Also considering: Yonder Alonso, Carlos Santana

Second Base:

Second base has a few more candidates. I'm hoping personal favorite Dustin Pedroia has a good enough run to make the bench, but for now, my vote goes to:

2017 Topps Heritage #370 Jose Altuve (AS)
Also considering: Starling Castro, Robinson Cano


No contest here:

2016 Topps Update #US275 Francisco Lindor (AS)
Also considering: no one

Third Base:

OK, I was a little surprised here. I thought Machado would be a stronger candidate, but he's had a slow start. Here's an unexpected yet deserving vote:

2017 Topps - 1987 Topps Baseball #87-16 Miguel Sano (FS)
 Also considering: Manny Machado,  Mike Moustakas


Another no brainer, but the McCanns are having decent seasons.

2016 Topps Update #US206a Salvador Perez (AS)
Also considering: Brian McCann, James McCann

Designated Hitter:

It feels weird not being able to vote for Big Papi, but there's a worthy successor:
2015 Topps Update #US383a Nelson Cruz (AS)
Also considering: no one


I would love to just check the 3 Red Sox outfielders here, but let's be reasonable:

2017 Topps Heritage #363 Mike Trout (AS)

2017 Topps Chicago White Sox #CHW-13 Avisail Garcia

2017 Topps #287a Aaron Judge (RC)
Mike Trout will start All Star games until he's 42, and I'm betting no one though Garcia and Judge would have such amazing starts to the season.

Also considering: Mookie Betts, Michael Brantley, Steven Sousa Jr

So those are my AL picks, for now. Will any of them falter in the next month and a half?

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