Friday, September 22, 2017

Payday Pack - Go Wahoos!

Normally, I'm not big on prospect/minor league cards, but I decided to give Bowman a try. The design isn't too bad, although I'm not sure what Topps is trying to do with that blob where the team  logo resides. I do like the look of the Bowman logo/baseball sun design. My pack is opened, and I'm ready to present my 3 favorites:

3rd Place

2017 Bowman #33 Ichiro

Not a lot to choose from, so I'm going with the future Hall of Famer. Is it me, or does something look off about his head? It doesn't look real, almost like it's made of wax. It's frankly a little disturbing...

2nd Place

2017 Bowman - Prospects Purple #BP35 Dane Dunning

I've never heard of this player, but that purple border sure does look fine! Bonus for being a serial numbered card!

1st Place

2017 Bowman - Prospects #BP64 Matt Thaiss

Matt is an alum of the University Of Virginia, and part of the team that won the 2015 College World Series. This makes him one of the few professional athletes I've seen play at the collegiate level. Somewhere in the future, I may start up a side collection of former Cavaliers in the majors. Thaiss hopefully will be part of that collection if I do.

The Others
#31 Josh Donaldson
#9 Carlos Correa
#13 Stephen Piscotty
#87 George Springer
#BCP79 Yu-Cheng Chang
#BCP7 Lucas Erceg
#BP95 Daz Cameron


  1. I'm starting to like Bowman more than I like Flagship. I think it's because you get a nice selection a big name players and potential future all-stars.

  2. Topps did a good job w/ Bowman's design this year...but I still can't see myself buying more than a few packs to feed my pack ripping hunger from time to time.

  3. Yeah, I've grown bored with the flagship set this year. Bowman was one of the few choices remaining in my local stores, so I figured it was worth at least buying one pack.