Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Repack Haiku #18 (Jay Buhner)

Remind me again
Why Yankees traded away
Crusher of long balls?

1990 Donruss #448 Jay Buhner


  1. You could say the same for a Fred McGriff card..

    1. Because.
      The '88 Yankees had Rickey Henderson and Dave Winfield clogging up the outfield, and McGriff wasn't going to displace that "Mattingly" guy.

    2. I forgot McGriff came up through the Yankee system. I miss the days when the Yankees would trade away good young prospects...

    3. Yeah.. 1982 the Yankees traded McGriff, Dave Collins, Mike Morgan, and cash for Tom Dodd and Dale Murray...
      McGriff was entrenched in the lineup for the Jays in 1987. Traded to the Padres in 1990 because the Jays had this Olerud character they wanted to play at First. Of course, that Padres deal worked out pretty well for the Jays as well..

  2. I love this trade, not only am I a Mariners' fan but Buhner is one of my PCs. If he stayed with the Yankees I would never have collected his card, but I do collect his Yankees cards too.