Monday, September 11, 2017

SEC - "Sweet 16" Match Up #1

Read all about it! Final match up of round set!

And with that, the introductory round of the Single Elimination Challenge is complete! I'd like to thank everyone who voted! 10 different visitors cast a total of 39 votes, with 3 tiebreakers and 8 shutouts! I especially want to thank Kin, who voted in every single match up - 5 times he single handedly decided a bracket by casting the lone vote! Let's see if I can get more voters moving forward!

On to the "Sweet 16" round of the competition!

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Our opening match up features two of the more colorful characters in baseball history:

1962 Auravision Records Ernie Banks
1990 Donruss #15 Ozzie Guillen DK

Ernie Banks
Bracket Round: defeated Tim Wallach (4-1)
Fun Fact: If you play this record backwards, you'll hear Eddie Vedder's "Bryzzo" jingle from the MLB commercial.

Ozzie Guillen
Bracket Round: defeated 2004 ALCS Game 7 Boston Red Sox (1-1 Tiebreaker)
Fun Fact: The original prints of every Dick Perez Diamond King are currently housed in a private wing at the Lourve.

Same rules as always - all you need to do to vote is comment on this post! Let me know which card is your favorite!