Monday, October 9, 2017

SEC - "Sweet 16" Match Up #5

El Tiante Takes Tie-Breaker!

Since both cards received the same number of votes, the tie breaker goes to the older card. Sorry, Big Unit, but being a Hall of Fame pitcher will have to be consolation prize enough.

Hot dog! I'm excited about this match up! I randomly seeded the card in the Single Elimination Challenge, and it's always cool when there some connection between the two cards squaring off. Kahn's has been issuing cards for a long time, and two of their cards are represented here.

1989 Kahn's Cooperstown Collection "Cool Papa" Bell
1956 Kahn's Weiners Smoky Burgess

Cool Papa Bell
Bracket Round: defeated Roberto Alomar (2-0)
Fun Fact: Other nicknames Bell's teammates considered included "Chill Daddy", "Ice Pop", and "The Frozen Father".

Smokey Burgess
Bracket Round: defeated Bob Gibson (3-0)
Fun Fact: Burgess's sponsorship deal with Kahn's was terminated when he gave an newspaper interview and controversially stated that a hot dog was, in fact, a sandwich.

Who decides the winner? You Kahn do it! Comment below and let me know which wiener you await!


  1. I was set to vote for Burgess, until I learned that he thinks a hotdog is a sandwich. Thus, Papa Bell gets my vote!

  2. 56 Wieners are the best. To be fair to Burgess a hotdog by itself is not a sandwich, but if it's in a bun then by definition it is and I'm sure that's what he meant. To quote Dirty Harry, "Who puts ketchup on a hotdog?" I vote Burgess

  3. "Cool Papa" Bell gets my vote. Interesting that these two might represent opposite ends of the "speed" spectrum.

  4. I think I have to go with the hot dog Burgess.