Tuesday, October 24, 2017

World Series Tale of the Tape

The World Series starts tonight, and it should be a good one. A battle of juggernauts who won over 100 games during the season. Now, for most baseball fans like me, chances are your team isn't one of the two left standing. Who do you vote for when your team isn't playing? Personally, I base it on a few different factors. Let's see how the two teams stack up:

Former Red Sox Players

Dodgers - Rich Hill, Adrien Gonzalez, Dave Roberts (Mgr)
Astros - Josh Reddick, Alex Cora (Bench Coach/Future Manager)

What can I say, if I can't root for my team, I can root for guys who used to be on my team. As tempted as I was to give extra credit to our newly announced manager, Alex Cora, I simply cannot go against the man stole the most iconic base in Red Sox history.

2017 Topps - MLB Awards #MOY-2 Dave Roberts

Advantage: Dodgers

Shenandoah Valley Baseball League Alumni

Dodgers - Adam Liberatore
Astros - Will Harris, Chris Devenski, Tyler White

Having 3 players on one team that have played in my area's collegiate summer league is quite impressive. The fact two of them have been All-Stars even more so.

2017 Topps Heritage #608 Chris Devenski

Advantage: Astros

University of Virginia Cavaliers Alumni

Dodgers - Chris Taylor
Astros - Derick Fisher

Go Wa-hoos! Chris Taylor is an unsung hero of the Dodgers. He's accumulated a sneaky 4.8 WAR. You want a sleeper pick for World Series MVP? He's your guy.

2017 Topps Now #332 Chris Taylor

Advantage: Dodgers

Championship Drought

Dodgers - 29 years
Astros - Never won

Honestly, it this regard I don't have a heavy favorite. The Dodgers haven't won since I was in middle school, so I'm cool with that streak being over. Still, the Astros are one of a small number of team to never have won. That's a streak that needs to end!

Advantage: Astros

Personal Connection

Two years ago during a trip to Florida, I saw the Astros play the Nationals at Space Coast Stadium. I got a ball signed by a few of the Houston players, most notably Carlos Correa and George Springer. I have never seen any Dodgers in person.

2016 Gypsy Queen - Framed Blue #90 Carlos Correa

Advantage: Astros

AL Bias

Yes, I admit I have one

Advantage - Astros

Bonus Points

After being devastated by the hurricane, Houston needs a lift in spirits. A World Series win won't fix all that has been lost, but the it will cement a deep connection between a team and its city.

Advantage: Astros

Final Talley: Astros 5, Dodgers 2

So yeah, I pulling for Houston here. The Dodgers are an amazing team, and I won't be sad to see them hoist the trophy either. Here's hoping for a great series that will go 7 games!

Go Astros!

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