Friday, October 20, 2017

Payday Pack - Gotta Catch 'Em All!

I actually had a pack of Topps Fire I was going to post, but I didn't get a chance to scan the cards I needed. Fortunately, I had a backup post available. Unfortunately, it's Topps Series 1, which most of you have seen aplenty by now.

The choices at the nearby Wal-Mart are getting thin. Plenty of Series 2, a healthy amount of Series 1, and a couple boxes of Heritage High Number. Nothing that particularly excites me. I'll have to stop at the local Target and see if the options are better. For now, a pack of Series 1.

With this pack I couldn't help notice how many cards depict some really great outfield catches.

3rd Place

2017 Topps #216 Denard Span

Hmmm..I wonder where Denard is playing in this photo?

2nd Place

2017 Topps #149 Gregory Polanco

That guy is the yellow shirt is great. Wary, but playing it cool...

1st Place

2017 Topps #324 Ben Revere

I couldn't bend like this if I was stretched out in my bed!

Contestants Not Appearing On Stage
#111 Edison Volquez
#224 Hector Rondon
#97 Marcus Semien
#152 Nolan Arenado League Leaders
#CBP-1 Mark Trumbo (Comeback Player of the Year Award)
#253 Tucker Barnhart
#122 Cleveland Indians Team Card
#5 Corey Seager (ASR)
#183 Wade Miley

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