Monday, October 30, 2017

SEC - "Sweet 16" Match Up #8

Read all about it! Griffey no match for iconic set!

It's the last round of the Sweet 16! If you like predominately blue cards with compliments of red in them, then boy do I have a match up for you! It a battle of iconic blue uniforms!

1985 Topps #578 Terry Francona
1972 Kellogg's #2 Amos Otis

Terry Francona
Bracket Round: defeated Ted Williams (1-0)
Fun Fact: Due to a lost bet, Francona has an "I love Manny Ramierez" tattoo on an undisclosed location of his body.

Amos Otis
Bracket Round: defeated Bo Jackson (1-1 tiebreaker)
Fun Fact: Otis's favorite breakfast cereal is Raisin Bran. He is credited with convincing the executives of Kellogg's to up the raisin allowance to two scoops.


  1. Shared on twitter just now for a second time...I'm trying!

  2. Amos Otis. If someone said I could have one of these cards it would be the 1972 Kellogg's.