Monday, July 2, 2018

Time Travel Trading Update #14

Andrew Benintendi was one of the up and coming new stars of baseball. His talent was undeniable, and he was generally well-liked by everyone. Still, he thought it was odd when the National Organization of Temperamental New York Sports Enthusiasts (NOT-NYSE) invited him to accept their award for Outstanding MLB Rookie of the Year. He would have thought that a NY based group would have given their award to Aaron Judge, seeing as how he was the actual Rookie of the Year winner. Still, he was raised to be grateful, so he accepted the invitation to a dinner ceremony.

When he arrived, they led him on stage to a big throne-like chair. "OK, this makes more sense", he thought. "The New Yorkers are going to roast a Red Sox player and have some fun at my expense." He was expecting some good-natured kidding, but as soon as he sat down his arms and legs were clamped down. He couldn't move, and the men and women of NOT-NYSE closed in around him with evil grins on their faces. 

"It's a shame Mookie gave us some lame excuse to not show up, but at least now we won't have to worry about you ruining our chances for another title!" 


Guillermo was a man of precise organization. If a job did not satisfy every item on his checklist, it wasn't considered done. The men under his command knew this well, and knew that is what made him an ideal leader on this particular project. Soldiers and scientist alike stood in a straight line as Guillermo walked slowly down with clip board in hand.

Every minute detail was rattled off, from the calibration of the time quartz crystals to the latest fire extinguisher tests. If he didn't hear a resounding "check!" from one of his underlings, everything would stop until that task was completed to his satisfaction. Failure was not an option, not when it involve sending a human being back in the past. For the first time in a long time, every checkbox was marked as planned. Tonight was going to be a good night, he believed.


The man they called "Spaceman" was tired of sitting around. Through the wonders of time travel, he found himself in same physical condition as he was 40 years ago. And yet, the opportunities in Major League baseball were few. His preferred team, the Red Sox, didn't have any openings in their rotation, and his second preference, the Expos, no longer existed. he had a few minor league contract offers from a few other clubs, but the truth was, no one thought he could still pitch. Maybe they're right, he thought. After all, kids these days are throwing 100 MPH pitches with ease. 

Bill Lee took a look at an old photograph hanging nearby. It showed him at the All-Star game, a giant among giants. Perhaps he needed to go back to the 70's, possibly even the 80's. With the knowledge he had now, the statistical reports available, why, he could outsmart any of those guys. Lee would know every pattern, every swing. Yeah, it's time to go back...


Since the last update, I agreed to three separate trades! As long as I have new cards to show off, I won't need to put cards on the proverbial chopping block. Hopefully I won't need to do that for awhile.

My trade drought was broken a few weeks ago by Doe from Now and Zen. Doe came right back at me with another trade offer, this time for the 1979 Topps Bill Lee. In his initial offering, he teased a "a 1970 tea card card that will add a wild flavor to the adventure!" I was more than willing to find out, and as promised this wild card gets added to the stack:

This cute little polar bear is from a 1970 Wildlife set by Red Rose and Blue Ribbon. Pretty cool, huh?

Tom form the blog The Angels In Order likes to collect checklists. So I sent him the checklist from 1966, and in return, this slightly mis-cut 1956 beauty is now available to add to your collection:

(I have to admit, it was tough coming up with a story centered around a checklist!)

There's a trader on the Trading Card Database who has for all intent and purposes become the "Patron Saint of the Time Travel Trading Project". The majority of vintage cards that you'll find in the stack have come from him. He offers up a one-for-one trade, and the card he offers is usually well beyond what I would consider to be a fair return. That card alone would make me happy, but he always sends more. I recently completed a third trade with him, and he continues to follow this pattern. In exchange for a 2018 Topps Opening Day insert of Andrew Benintendi, he sent me...

Another 1954 Bowman! This was the original agreed upon card for the trade. I told you it was more than what could be considered fair. But of course, that's not all I received. The Patron Saint included some more recent cards:

Some early 70's baseball:

A quartet of Red Sox from 1964:

Some vintage football/hockey:

Oh, look! More vintage baseball, this time from the 50's!

No, not done yet:

And, to wrap it all up, a great card from the classic TV show Zorro!

That's 25 cards he contributed to the stack. With these new trades, the Time Travel Trade Stack is at a whopping 75 cards! There's something for everyone here, and now is the time to stake your claim on any of these cards. As always, my condition is that I get a card older than what I send you. Baseball cards are preferred, but it's nice to have variety too! Make me an offer, either through this post or on the TCDB (Member Name: Kep75).

The Time Travel Trade Stack:

2018 Topps Opening Day - Team Traditions and Celebrations
#TTC-SC "Sweet Caroline"

2017 Bowman
#9 Carlos Correa

2016 Topps Heritage - Baseball Flashbacks
#BF-EM Eddie Matthews

2015 Topps Heritage
#273 NL Aces (Adam Wainwright/Clayton Kershaw)

1990-91 Hoops (basketball)
#168 Glen Rice (RC)

1990 Topps
#18 Carlos Quintana

1986 Topps
#2 Rose Special '63-'66
#3 Rose Special '67-'70
#4 Rose Special '71-'74
#5 Rose Special '75-'78
#6 Rose Special '79-'82
#7 Rose Special '83-'85
 #401 Fernando Valenzuela (Turn Back The Clock)

1981-82 Topps (basketball)
#14 Moses Malone

1981 Topps
#63 Steve Renko
#704 Bill Travers

1980 Topps
#143 Bruce Bochte
#671 A's Future Stars

1979 Topps
#130 Bob Watson

1978 Topps
#24 Don Money
#193 Rich Chiles
#347 Terry Forster
#445 Mike Ivie
#471 Roy Smalley
#581 Lynn McGlothen

1977 Topps
#294 George Medich
#524 Rowland Office

1976-77 Topps (hockey)
#129 Jacques Lemaire

1974 Topps - Team Checklists
#NNO Montreal Expos

1973-74 O-Pee-Chee (hockey)
#53 Richard Lemieux

1973 Topps
#18 Leroy Stanton
#36 Steve Barber
#98 Dick Woodson
#99 Carl Taylor

1972 Topps
#293 Danny Frisella
#374 Jack Heidemann

1971 Topps
#160 Tom Seaver
#563 San Francisco Giants (TC)

1970 Topps
#47 Bob Miller
#103 Frank Reberger

1970 Red Rose and Blue Ribbon North American Wildlife In Danger (non-sport)
#32 Polar Bear

1969 Topps
#453 Mike Cueller

1969 Topps - Deckle Edge
#13 Mel Stottlemyre

1969 Topps (football)
#73 Bennie McRae
#154 Sam Baker

1968 Topps (football)
#7 Earl Gros

1967 Philadelphia (football)
#109 New York Giants (TC)

1966 Philadelphia (football)
#104 Rams vs. Browns

1965 Philadelphia (football)
#193 John Paluck

1964 Philadelphia (football)
#172 Ken Gray (RC)

1964 Topps
#60 Frank Malzone
#79 Bob Heffner (RC)
#186 Roman Mejias
#305 Jack Lamabe
#352 Eddie Bressoud

1963 Topps
#111 Al Jackson
#155 Bill Stafford

1962 Post Cereal
#58 Frank Malzone

1962 Topps
#278 Ken Johnson

1960 Topps
#95 Frank Thomas

1959 Topps (football)
#80 Joe Perry

1958 Topps
#341 Pittsburgh Pirates (CL, TC)

1958 Topps Zorro (non-sport)
#83 Rude Awakening

1957 Topps
#66 Brooks Lawrence
#235 Tom Poholsky
#249 Dave Pope
#371 Bob Lennon

1956 Topps
#103 Willie Miranda (white back)
#156 Johnny Antonelli

1956 Topps Flags of the World (non-sport)
#70 Jordan

1955 Topps
#126 Dick Hall (RC)

1954 Bowman
#16 Jim Wilson
#73 Don Mueller

1952 Bowman
#57 Clyde Vollmer

1938 Church & Dwight Useful Birds Of America Tenth Series (J9-6) (non-sport)
#2 Black-throated Green Warbler


  1. I can't pass up that Seaver...I can find something from the 50s to trade for that. And I'll take the Kershaw/Wainwright if possible, too. My email is my screen name at gmail dot com. Thanks!

    1. Unfortunately, someone has laid claim to the Seaver ahead of you. If it falls through, I'll definitely let you know. The other card is yours! I'll follow up by emailing you!

  2. That's a huge haul! Really excited to see some traders breathe new life into this. And I enjoyed your Benintendi story, too (

    I wish I could claim the '54 Mueller, but I dont have anything older to send. So instead I'll claim four cards:

    Moses Malone, Jacques Lemaire, '64 Roman Mejias, and Carlos Correa Bowman. I'll e-mail you asap with a list of cards headed your way in exchange.

  3. I'll claim the 1972 Frisella and Heideman, and the 1971 Giants team card.
    In addition to older cards, I'll also add some Red Sox to complete the Pedroia trade. Still have my address?

    1. Sounds good. I do still have your address. I'll email you again with mine.