Saturday, July 28, 2018

Top 5 Hall of Fame: Vladimir Guerrero

Next Sunday, the Hall of Fame will induct an amazing 6 new members into its hallowed halls. In honor of this event, I'm going to do a daily series this week showing off my 5 favorite cards in my collection for each player.

We finish off the week with Vladimir Guerrero. The reason I put him last is simple: I have a grand whopping 2 of his cards in my collection, and one of them kind of sucks. I wasn't sure how I wanted to proceed with a Top 5 list when my collection was 3 cards short. I eventually decided to pick a few favorites to fill out the list. Here they are in chronological order:

1995 Bowman #90 Vladimir Guerreo (RC)

I might as well start off with his rookie card (which I don't own).  The card design is a little weird. It looks like they put a green tinted mirror next to him...

2001 Upper Deck Victory #401 Vladimir Guerrero/Dustin Hermanson (CL)

The first of the two cards of his I actually own, and the one I think sucks. Vlad looks bored and Hermanson looks creepy. That thin goatee makes him look like he has a chin butt!

2007 Topps Heritage #485 Vladimir Guerrero (AS) 

I wanted to pick an All-Star card of his, and this Heritage throwback was an easy choice, even with the red hat blending into the red background...

2012 Topps #424 Vladimir Guerrero (RB) 

I like record breaker cards, and I found this one particularly interesting. There's no secret that the Dominican Republic has had an amazing number of hitters born there - Papi, Manny, Sosa, the Alou Brothers. That Vlad became the all-time hits leader from his country (since surpassed by Albert Pujols and Adrien Beltre) seems like a huge accomplishment.

2016 Topps Archives #192 Vladimir Guerrero

The second of the cards I own. If I didn't have this card, I would have purposely searched for a card showing off his trademark dreds. They were that awesome.

Welcome to the Hall of Fame Vlad!

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  1. I don't own his Bowman rookie card either. One of these days, I'll add it to my Expos PC.