Friday, July 27, 2018

Top 5 Hall of Fame: Chipper Jones

Next Sunday, the Hall of Fame will induct an amazing 6 new members into its hallowed halls. In honor of this event, I'm going to do a daily series this week showing off my 5 favorite cards in my collection for each player.

Today I'll feature one of the All-Time great Braves, Chipper "Don't Call Me Larry" Jones. This is the one Hall of Famer from this year's class I got to watch a lot of on TV (Thanks TBS!)

1991 Score #671 Chipper Jones (FRDP, RC)

Does any Hall of Famer have a worse rookie card than Chipper? The red shirt with the sunset background is bad enough, so I'll spare you the squinting sweaty Chipper picture on the back...

1994 Collector's Choice #152 Chipper Jones

I'm showing the back of this card because it has my favorite picture of him in my collection. You can never go wrong with a player signing for kids!

1994 Score #572 Chipper Jones (RP)

A great card where the border compliments the team colors. It also has a good action shot of Chipper about to scoop up the ball.

2012 Topps Opening Day #134 Chipper Jones

Topps seems to like this photograph a lot. They also used this exact same shot in the 2016 Archives set, only zoomed out more.

2017 Topps Update - Storied World Series #SWS-11 1995 Atlanta Braves

It's still amazing that throughout Atlanta's decade of dominance, they only won the singular World Series.

Cheers to Chipper! You are unquestionably one of the greats!


  1. I'm really excited about this year's HOF class. Chipper is obviously the headliner, but I'm looking forward to Thome, Vlad, Hoffman, and Trammell as well.

    It is hard to believe the Braves only won once. Damn Yankees!

  2. Enjoyed watching and collecting Chipper over the years. I might have to sift through my stuff and write up a top 5 myself.