Friday, November 2, 2018

Trade Recap: Breakdown, Go Ahead And Give It To Me

Earlier this week, I highlighted a Time Travel trade with Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown. We actually expanded the trade and sent each other some additional cards. I was able to dig up some set needs and PC collection guys.  Among the cards he was able to send me were a couple of needs from my So Close! page. I love those Fleer Pro-Vision inserts. Such great artwork!

Gavin also sent a few Red Sox Minor Leaguers my way. Adam Everett was the only one to carve out a decent Major League career, although Anthony Ranaudo was able to make a handful of games for the Red Sox, Rangers, and White Sox.

Wrapping up the trade are 3 of Boston's All-stars. If that Mookie Betts card seems unfamiliar to you, it's because it a custom card designed by Gavin. He's quite talented with his custom projects, and his blog is worth following just on those alone! This Mookie card was designed after the 1975 Hostess set, and looks better in hand than it does from my meager little photograph.

Thank again, Gavin! Hopefully this will be the first trade of many!

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