Friday, November 30, 2018

Payday Pack - This Will Never Happen Again

I'm going to do something different this time. Rather than pick 3 cards as favorites, I want to highlight something that has never happened to me, and probably will never happen again. Like most collectors, when you open a pack of cards, you hope to get at least one from your favorite team. More than that, and it's a successful pack. It's also not unusual to have players from the same team show up back to back in any given pack.
I recently opened a pack of Stadium Club, and was amazed by the collation. Here what the end of this pack gave me:

Ramirez, Price, Kimbrel, and Bogaerts!

That's 4 Red Sox cards, back-to-back-to-back-to back! At the end of the pack, no less! Has anyone ever bought a random pack and had your favorite team represented in 1/3 of the cards? Has anyone had a streak of 4 cards in a row from the same team? What are odds of both occurrences happening in one pack?

I should have played the lottery after opening this pack. I'll be amazed if I ever see something like this again!

Other Contestants Not Appearing On Stage:
#265 Travis Shaw
#82 Felix Jorge (RC)
#203 Zack Cozart
#159 Trey Mancini
#227 Andrew Miller
#220 Walker Buehler (RC)
#279 Brian Anderson (RC)
#206 Cole Hamels (Sepia parallel)


  1. That was quite a pack! Four Red Sox, a Walker Buehler RC and a parallel? Yeah, I'd say go out and play the lottery..or maybe buy more packs, lol.

    I can't recall pulling four cards from my favorite team (or any team) in a single pack. But Stadium Club does seem to be packed out in groups; earlier this year I pulled three Pirates out of a five-card pack.

  2. My wife, although she will not admit to it, picks out better packs of cards for me than I do myself. She bought me the first pack of 2018 Topps Update, and there were Indians cards in the pack with the first two being Lindor cards.

  3. I've opened a lot of packs over the years... so I'd guess that at some point I pulled four A's out of one pack. Maybe not in a row though.

  4. Never heard of or seen anything like that. Maybe 3 of my team total at best. Great pull.