Monday, February 24, 2020

Top 3: Tony Fernandez

If you grew up watching baseball in the late 80's, you witnessed a golden era for shortstops - Ripken, Trammell, Ozzie, Larkin. Standing tall among those Hall of Famers was Toronto's Tony Fernandez, who passed away on February 15th after lengthy medical complications. In honor of his great career, I would like to present my favorite Top 3 cards of Tony Fernandez in my collection:

1988 Score #651 Super Shortstops 

When I said he stood tall with Hall of Famers, I meant it. This is just one of many examples of Tony being mention on cardboard with other greats of the game. And why not? He was a 5 time All-Star after all!

1991 Score #432 Tony Fernandez

 Born Octavio Antonio Fernandez, his calling card was his amazing defense. He won four straight Gold Glove awards between 1986-1989.

1992 Donruss #362 Tony Fernandez

Of course, you can't mention Tony Fernandez without mentioning that he was one of the 4 superstars in that epic trade with the San Diego Padres. While it seemed unfortunate for the Blue Jays' all time leader in games and hits to miss out on Toronto's first ever World Championship in 1992, he eventually found his way home and earned a ring with their historic 1993 title.

RIP Tony, you will be missed!


  1. Love that 88S card with Ripken, Trammell, and the Oakland Coliseum in the background.