Friday, April 3, 2020

First Impressions: 2020 Gypsy Queen

I managed to grab one more pack before Virginia's governor issued a stay-at-home order, so lets see if this year's edition of Gypsy Queen offers any joy to this essential employee...

#239 Nick Senzel

Young Reds outfielder Nick Senzel has the honor of being the first card. Overall, I like the design, better than last year at least. One problem I do have with it is the choice to use the player's first name initial followed by the position. The spacing is a little too close for my taste. As you'll see later, this will offer up some interesting card visuals.

#79 Jack Flaherty
#253 Rowdy Tellez
#FTM-11 Vladimir Guerrero Jr (Fortune Teller insert)

I've never been a fan of minis, but this one isn't too shabby. Ignoring my lousy photographing skills, Vlad Jr seems to "pop" from the orange border. If this was a full sized card, that little bit of white space almost lends itself as an ideal spot for a autograph.

#268 Mauricio Dubon (RC)
#12 Max Kepler
#232 Aaron Civale (RC)
#292 Manny Machado
#45 Didi Gregorious

Didi's bat-flip is probably the best action shot among the cards in this pack. I'm glad he's no longer a Yankee, and think the Phillies will appreciate having him around whenever baseball resumes.

#TOD-7 Walker Buehler (Tarot Of The Diamond insert)

Am I the only one getting a little bored with the Tarot card inserts? I think they've run their course and it's time for Gypsy Queen to come up with something new.

#101 Sean Murphy (RC)
#285 Stephen Strasburg
#207 Paul DeJong
#5 Dom Nunez (RC)
#54 Jeff McNeil

Here's our look at the backs. Standard GQ back - good content, but too much wasted space.

#236 Derek Dietrich
#168 Jake Fraley (RC)
#208 Adalberto Mondesi

Yes, there's a period and a space separating the initial and the position, but tell me the word ASS doesn't jump out at you when you look at this card.

The 3-pack of Gypsy Queen comes with bonus green parallels of the cards. Dark green is a good color for a parallel.

Green Parallels:
#168 Jake Fraley (RC)
#208 Adalberto Mondesi
#163 Patrick Corbin

I'll never be able to look at this card again and not think his name is Pee Pee Corbin.

#220 James Marvel (RC)
#2 J.T. Realmuto

Overall, not a bad set. With Gypsy Queen you pretty much know what to expect.


  1. Not a big fan of the last name, first initial thing either. As for GQ as a whole... it's not a bad product... but it's getting old.

  2. I like the design this year. Not quite as cluttered. That floating bat! So sweet! The Tarots aren't too special but the Fortunes are much improved. I haven't opened much this year but need a box of GQ.