Friday, May 29, 2020

Payday Pack - Can You Smell What The Betts Is Cooking?

Slim pickings at the local Wally World. I did scratch my pack-opening itch by picking up some of last year's Diamond King set.

3rd Place

2019 Panini Diamond Kings #6 Mel Ott

Without a proper MLB license, old-timers like Ott here should be Panini's bread and butter. Seriously, Panini should just do an entire set to guys that played in the time before there were baseball cards. No one would mind.

2nd Place

2019 Panini Diamond Kings #17 Yogi Berra
Catchers also fare well with the lack of logos. This is a great looking photo of Yogi with his chest plate and shin protectors on.

1st Place

2019 Panini Diamond Kings
- Masters Of The Game #MG1 Mookie Betts

Reasons why this card is awesome: (1) It's Mookie Betts. (2) Mookie is doing that Elvis-lip-snarl thing that he does. (3) The discoloration of the background looks like fumes behind him. (4) Put it all together and you basically have Betts getting a whiff of something unpleasant! Ha! Fart jokes!

Other Contestants Not Appearing On Stage:
#59 Andrew Benintendi
#74 Al Kaline
#31 Enyel De Los Santos (RC)
#88 Justin Verlander
#46 Khris Davis
#4 Roger Maris
#S7 Jack Flaherty (Squires insert)
#TH-23 Adrian Beltre (Team Heroes insert)
#JJ4 Joe Jackson (Joe Jackson Collection insert)
#TH-8 Jose Ramirez (Team Heroes insert)
#115 Albert Pujols (Framed Red SP parallel)
#60 Alex Bregman (SP)
#64 Ryan O'Hearn (RC)
#22 Ted WIlliams
#79 Jacob Nix (RC)
#36 Chipper Jones
#93 Freddie Freeman


  1. I was ready to agree with you that Panini Diamond Kings should feature only legends like Ott, Berra, and others.. until I saw that Mookie. Great card!

  2. I have not even seen a single pack of this here, weird. That Pujols sounds interesting.

  3. This is a great product. Add MLB logos and this product competes with the best of what Topps currently produces.