Monday, May 25, 2020

TCDB Trade Recap: Cards From Quakertown, PA

Happy Memorial Day!

I haven't been trading on the TCDB as often as I had been. With all the social distancing fun I've been trying to limit my post office stops to once a month. However, when a TCDB member named Ron offered up a 5-for-1 trade, I couldn't accept fast enough! (Especially when two of those cards are short printed!)

Favorite Card: Players busting through a newspaper is one of the best All-Star card designs Topps has ever done, so the Heritage Mookie All-Star gets the title this go-around.

Thanks for the cards, Ron!


  1. that All-Star design is one of the greatest! nice deal!

  2. Nice fiver here. What one card did you trade for these sharp-looking Sox?

    1. All he wanted was a Shoeless Joe Jackson insert from last year's Panini Diamond King!