Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Repack Haiku #158 (Jim Thome)

An odd inclusion
Not a rookie or traded
A bit late for Spring

1998 Score Rookies and Traded
#RT261 Jim Thome (ST)

Such a weird set for one supposedly dedicated to rookies and traded players. The first 50 cards are short printed veterans, and the back end contains more veteran players during Spring Training. There really aren't many rookies or traded players in the set at all.

This is Thome's second appearance on Repack Haiku. Here's the first.


  1. Never really gave this set a second look until after reading this post. According to Baseballcardpedia, there are only four rookie cards on the checklist. Score should have just called it their Spring Training and Traded set.

  2. I would have guessed that Score didn't have enough rookies and traded players to fill a full set so they stuck some veteran stars in there. Looks like I was way off.