Monday, June 15, 2020

Topps Of The Class, Ma!

Last month, Kerry (Cards On Cards) had a mini-group break for some loose packs of 2019 Topps Of The Class, a promotional set designed to be given out to students. The design is based off of last year's Big League set, with a graduation motorboard logo in the corner.

I was not aware of this set, and was fortunate enough to claim the Red Sox cards from the break:

The Mookie Betts card was a promotional for last year's National Baseball Card Day, and shares the same design as the Stickers from last year. Each pack contained one of these cards, and if I was a Betts hoarder I could have had about 20 of these. I only took a few, a some others were given to other pack break participants. It wouldn't surprise me if Kerry still had a few extra if anyone wanted to offer him a trade for one.

Kerry also included a couple bonus cards: some from this year's Donruss product as well as a few on demand minis from last year. My Raffy Devers collection gets a nice boost, and another Jim Rice card is always welcome!

Favorite Card: I really like the lightning effect on those Mookie Betts promo cards!

Thanks for the cards, Kerry!

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