Friday, June 19, 2020

Wax Pack Wonders Pick 3

One of the great rookie blogs that has started up this year is Wax Pack Wonders. If you haven't popped over and added Jeff to your reading list yet, you really should! He's posted some fun and entertaining stuff!

Did you become a follower? Good! Anyway, last month he had a little giveaway. The first 6 people to respond got to pick 3 players, one from each of a tiered list Jeff provided. I managed to be the 6th and final participant! Here's what I was gifted:

Group 1 (HOF) - Pedro Martinez

There was quite a lot of names in each group, and Group 1 was stacked, but my boy Pedro was an easy choice! 

Group 2 (Former All-Stars and Such) - Ellis Burks

I like Burks. He was exciting as a young Red Sox outfielder, and carved out a great MLB career. I completely forgot he played for the Giants though!

Group 3 (Current/Recent All-Stars and Such) - Mookie Betts

The more the MLB negotiations drag on, the more I want to convince myself that the season will not be played, and Mookie will resign with Boston.

Favorite Card: Tough choice here, but I'm giving the title to Pedro's Pacific Revolution card - the scan truly does not do it justice!

Now, Jeff explicitly said he doesn't want any cards in return as a thank you, but that doesn't mean I can't thank him by promoting his blog! Seriously, add him to your blog roll! Leave him comments! Nurture this young blog and help it thrive!

Thanks for the cards, Jeff!


  1. Both of those shiny Pedro cards are awesome

  2. I'd go with the Topps Gold Label as my favorite. I remember opening packs of that stuff and just staring at their shine and multiple images. Plus they were so dang thick, you could use them as coasters.

  3. This was a fun, and different, way to give away cards. I would've been all over it too, had it just been posted a little earlier in the evening.