Friday, June 24, 2022

Trapped In Time: Remnants Of The 19th Trade

Sometimes you just never can tell. This edition of Trapped In Time was set to be a big one, with 3 cards showcased. However, after almost 4 years and after over 150 trades, one of those cards got claimed in the last round of Time Travel Trading!
Traded 06/21/18: 
  • 2018 Topps Opening Day - Before Opening Day #BOD-AB Andrew Benintendi

Received 06/23/18:
  • 2017 Bowman #9 Carlos Correa (See Trade #20)
  • 2016 Topps Heritage - Baseball Flashbacks #BF-EM Eddie Matthews (See Trade #24)
  • 2015 Topps Heritage #273 NL Aces (Adam Wainwright/Clayton Kershaw) (See Trade #24)
  • 1976-77 Topps (hockey) #129 Jacques Lemaire (See Trade #20)
  • 1974 Topps - Team Checklists #NNO Montreal Expos (See Trade #171)
  • 1972 Topps #293 Danny Frisella (See Trade #22)
  • 1971 Topps #160 Tom Seaver (See Trade #21)
  • 1971 Topps #563 San Francisco Giants (TC) (See Trade #22)
  • 1970 Topps #47 Bob Miller (See Trade #39)
  • 1969 Topps (football) #73 Bennie McRae (See Trade #76)
  • 1968 Topps (football) #7 Earl Gros (See Trade #46)
  • 1966 Philadelphia (football) #104 Rams vs. Browns (See Trade #66)
  • 1964 Topps #60 Frank Malzone (See Trade #29)
  • 1964 Topps #79 Bob Heffner (RC) (See Trade #29)
  • 1964 Topps #186 Roman Mejias (See Trade #20)
  • 1964 Topps #352 Eddie Bressoud (See Trade #29)
  • 1958 Topps #341 Pittsburgh Pirates (CL, TC) (See Trade #23)
  • 1958 Topps Zorro (non-sport) #83 Rude Awakening
  • 1957 Topps #66 Brooks Lawrence (See Trade #37)
  • 1957 Topps #235 Tom Poholsky (See Trade #62)
  • 1957 Topps #249 Dave Pope (See Trade #125)
  • 1957 Topps #371 Bob Lennon (See Trade #62)
  • 1956 Topps #138 Johnny Antonelli (See Trade #125)
  • 1955 Topps #126 Dick Hall (RC) (See Trade #44)
  • 1954 Bowman #73 Don Mueller

The first Trapped In Time post I did featured another trade with TCDB member Gary. I said then that he was very generous, and this trade further confirmed that fact. He proposed a straight one-for-one trade, which on it's own was more than satisfactory, but when I opened the mail, he included an addition 2 dozen cards, most of them vintage! Of those 25 cards, only two remain:

1958 Topps Zorro (non-sport) #83 Rude Awakening

When I first saw this card in the stack I thought it was an incredibly cool addition to the project. Personally, I didn't recall ever holding a non-sports card from the 50's before. Although I'm familiar with the character, I've never seen any episodes of the TV show. There's a couple of potential trades possible, as there are 3 active members on the TCDB that have this card on their want list, but first crack goes to anyone reading my blog. if I can't swing a deal with it, I'm leaning on leaving it in the trade stack since it's such an unusual entry.

 1954 Bowman #73 Don Mueller

The original trade proposal was the 2018 Topps Opening Day insert for this card. Like I said, if the trade was purely just for this card, I considered myself very lucky and the recipient of a generous trader. The bonus cards just magnified the generosity. I wouldn't mind adding it to my collection, but I'd rather make a trade!

Last chance for either of these two cards! Make me an offer!

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  1. There used to be Zorro episodes on YouTube. Not sure if they're still there.