Monday, September 5, 2022

Prizes Dropped From The Third Floor

Brendan from The View From The Third Floor recently held a month long contest where each day contestants could guess which 9 players fills up his team page (or in the case of the Padres, Phillies and Yankees, more than 9). What kept it interesting is that it wasn't always the 9 best players, and there were a few times I was sure someone just had to be there and ended up not. Through dumb luck and the consistency of playing almost every day, I managed to take 2nd place. For my efforts, I was generously given a PWE of 15 cards:

So, let's talk about that Sparky Lyle card, shall we? Readers of my blog know that July had quite a few posts dedicated to Sparky, all because of a contest being held by Daniel at It's Like Having My Own Card Shop.  I didn't win that contest, but Brendan did. That's right, from Daniel to Brendan to me! It was completely unexpected, and brought a big smile to my face when I saw it.

Favorite Card: Sparky by default, but a Red Sox card from 1958 is awesome too!

Thanks for the cards Brendan!

Oh, just a heads up: This isn't the last you'll see of that Sparky rookie card. The saga continues...


  1. It was a fun contest, congrats on your 2nd place finish!

  2. That was a fun contest, and nice to see Brendan send you that Lyle card. Curious for what is next for Sparky . . .

  3. Had I known that that Sal Bando was going to be amongst the prizes, I probably would've tried to get in on the contest.