Friday, September 9, 2022

TCDB Trade Recap: Cards From Shawnee, KS

I've been making a healthy number of trades on the TCDB lately, and it looks like for the near future I'll have one to show off each week. This week's offering comes from Clay, who put a huge dent in the amount of Red Sox I needed from the 1984 Topps set:

This and a yet to be shared trade have left me with just one more Red Sox card from the set. You will be mine Marty Barrett! Oh yes you will be mine!

Favorite card: There are a lot of great action shots here, but the design element for the '84 All-Star subset is one of the underappreciated All-Star subsets that Topps has produced. Jim Rice stares down the win!

Thanks for the trade, Clay!


I know, I'm late to the party, but I figured this would be a good spot to give my opinion on the new 2023 Topps base set design that was released earlier this week.
Overall I like it. Borders are good. Names I can read are good. Head shots in the corner are good. The head shot actually reminds me of the graphics shown at games on the big screens when someone comes up to bat. ("Now batting...number 35...Adley Rutchman!") 

There are a few things I'm not fond of, but none of them are real deal-breakers. I'm not sold on the cut-off team name. The grey triangle seems pointless and a waste of space, and my OCD hates that the edge of the grey line on the bottom doesn't line up with edges on the name banner and that same triangle. Again, theses are minor ascetically less pleasing objects, and nothing I would deem ungodly. It's a solid looking set, and I'm looking forward to it.


  1. Not so fun fact: The entire town of Shawnee was burned to the ground by William Quantrill and his bushwhackers during the Civil War.

  2. Good call on the head shot reminding you of the big screen graphics.