Friday, September 30, 2022

TCDB Trade Recap: Cards From Nashua, NH

I can knock New Hampshire off the list of states I've haven't traded with yet, thanks to TCDB member Peter. I had a wealth of 2017 Topps doubles he needed, and got more base set Red Sox cards for my efforts:
At this point in my collecting life, I shouldn't be amused that there's a 40 year gap between the oldest and newest cards here, but I am. To think guys like Tony Perez and Reggie Smith were winding down their careers 40 years ago...

Favorite card: Jackie Bradley Jr's time with the Red Sox is over, having been released earlier this season. At least Topps gave us one more great card to remember him by.

Thanks for the trade, Peter!


  1. I still find it hard that '84T, my first real intro into the card world, is coming up on 40 years so... And funnily enough, I used to get uncut sheets (long ago butchered) of that set at a toy store in...Nashua, NH.

  2. Until just recently I had never really paid much attention to Wade Boggs' cards before, but have now started to do so. I don't recall seeing this one before, and it's pretty nifty too.