Monday, March 27, 2023

Blog Trade Recap: Cards From Lansing, MI

Back in January, I was contacted by regular blog reader Stuart, who comments under the handle Poison75. He proposed a trade, and ended up sending a lot of Red Sox cards my way! Too many to show off here, so I'll show off a few of my favorites.

A Lot Of 1983 Topps Red Sox

1983 was one of those years where I didn't collect baseball cards, so I don't have many cards from the set, let alone the Red Sox team. Stuart knocked most of what I needed off the list, leaving just Yastrzemski and a certain Hall of Famer's rookie card.

1998 Pacific Revolution - Prime Time Performers
#2 Nomar Garciaparra

This card is a card so ugly it's got charm. That green and white background is hideous, but it is a die-cut featuring the legendary Nomah!

2003 Donruss Diamond Kings
#14 Rickey Henderson

Rickey spent just one season with Boston at the tail end of his career, so it's always cool to see cards of him representing the Red Sox.

2002 Topps 206 - Team 206 Series 2
#T206-25 Pedro Martinez

Here's Pedro in a vintage looking set, squinting at you knowing full well he could strike you out on 3 pitches.

1968 Topps #581 Garry Roggenburk

I never expect vintage in my personal trades, so getting a card of "Double R" Garry Roggenburk was a pleasant surprise.

2002 Upper Deck Vintage #79 Manny Ramirez (TC)

Last but not least we have an excellently framed Tatooine card featuring the one and only Manny Ramirez Manny might not be looking at you, but at least his shadow is waving "Hi!"

Thanks for the trade Stuart!



  1. I've never seen that Nomar before. Very cool card! Pacific had some unique inserts back in the day.

  2. That Nomar card is so strange! So many weird late 90s inserts, especially from Pacific.

    Got the TT cards today. Thanks!

  3. Matt glad to help if ya still need Wade lmk

  4. The Red Sox are one of the teams that I can never remember that Rickey played for.