Friday, March 10, 2023

Dual-Collection Trades

On the TCDB, I keep two separate collections - my personal collection, plus one for the Time Travel Trading Project. Other members who search my For Sale/Trade list end up seeing cards from both collections simultaneously. This often leads to instances where a trade includes not only Time Travel cards, but also cards from my personal trade list as well. I've had a few a these dual collection trades recently.
Canadian JF participated in a Time Travel Trade, but also requested some spare 2019 Archives I had. I ended up acquiring some McDonald's oddballs in addition to what was added to the Time Travel stack.

I managed to make a trade with another Canadian, Chris, for a card that was being given one last push as a Time Travel "Remnant". Rather than send just a single card north of the border, I was able to find a couple more cards he needed as well. In return, I picked up two All-Stars who are helping to turn the Buffalo Sabres in to a fun watchable team again.
Another couple of "Remnant" basketball cards were passed on to Cody, along with some other cards, in exchange for some overproduction cards from my childhood.

When is a complete set not a complete set? That 1988 Fleer sticker is technically the last one I needed to complete the set, but since Fleer included these stickers in pretty much all of their product at the time, the "set" is spread out. Do I pull the stickers from my Fleer Award Winners box and Update set just to put all the stickers together? I'm thinking no, not worth it.

Thanks for the trades guys!


  1. I just recently learned about that Donruss McDonald's set - definitely a fun one, and the Ripken is a particular favorite because of the double play shot.

  2. For what it's worth, I wouldn't bother pulling those stickers from other sets either.