Monday, March 13, 2023

Autographs From The Angels In Order

Shortly after the new year, I got an email from Tom (The Angels In Order) asking if I was interested in some autographed Red Sox cards. Of course I was interested, so we made a nice small trade.

Joe Morgan - This is the second autograph I've acquired in the past year of the Red Sox Hall of Fame manager.  This signature is much clearer and easier to read than the one I bought off eBay.
Jeff Gray - Gray was a very good reliever for a few seasons in Boston, even filling in at closer when Jeff Reardon was injured. Unfortunately, a stroke during the 1991 season ended his career.
Luis Mendoza - A rookie card of a guy who never suited up for the Red Sox, he actually made his Major League debut for the Rangers the year before this card came out.  

Alan Embree - One of the 25 members of the historic 2004 World Series Championship team, Embree pitched in 3 of those 4 World Series games.

Thanks for the trade, Tom!


  1. Did not realize the Jeff Gray had a stroke. Sad.

  2. Signatures almost always look good when done in red ink. Seems quite fitting too when used for a Red Sock.