Thursday, March 30, 2023

Today Is Going To Be A Great Day!

It's Opening Day!
Today all of baseball fandom celebrates a new season of baseball! Every team plays today, and it will be glorious.

It also happens to be Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale's birthday today. He may not be the Opening Day starter this year, but he's looked good and managed to stay healthy so far, so hopefully that good health continues and he has a solid if not excellent season.

This is the latest addition to my Chris Sale collection, a bonus card from TCDB superstar mzenko. (Thanks Mark!)

It also happens to be my birthday, which will be spent eating my traditional birthday dinner (chicken parmesan), followed by my traditional birthday dessert (peanut butter pie), all the while watching as much baseball as I can (thanks to the free subscription of MLB.TV I get from T-Mobile!)

 I hope you all have a great day too! Go Red Sox!