Friday, March 3, 2023

TCDB Trade Recap: Cards From Seattle, WA

Remember the good old days when a kid could affordably buy a box of cards and put together an almost complete set just from that? That's the story of me and 1988 Leaf. I picked up a box of the stuff at a card show, got most of the set, and that set has languished in my collection incomplete. Once I got back into collecting, I've whittled a way at this set a card at a time until I got to a point where I needed so few that it'd be silly not just to go for it.

I made a trade with a TCDB member named Laughton, and picked up most of what I needed:
I'm down to just 7 more cards needed for this set. Seven cards I'll hopefully trade or buy before Opening Day.

Favorite Card: One Red Sox card in the bunch, and an Ellis Burks rookie card at that!

Thanks for the trade, Laughton!

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