Friday, July 14, 2017

Mookie Knows

I was reading some baseball blogs the other day and saw this:

2017 Topps Archives #210 Mookie Betts

By the looks of it, apparently Mookie can juggle. (One handed, even!) This is just the latest of impressive things the Red Sox All Star is talented at. Over the All Star break, we learned he's also got his pilots license.

Photo via

He's also an accomplished bowler, having bowled in professional tournaments during the off season and even being credited with two 300 games!

Photo by Hollis Bennett/Rolling Stone

Oh, and he's pretty good at this baseball game too...

Mookie is starting to remind me of the old Bo Jackson Nike commercials, where the premise was that Bo Knows how to do pretty much anything. I think if Nike ever decides to revisit that concept, Mookie would be an excellent candidate. Mookie Knows Baseball!

*One of the great things about Google is their image search can lead you to some great content: That bowling photo came from a Rolling Stone article that came out last year. It's a good read: Bowling With Mookie Betts: Red Sox Star Is On A Roll.

*As of this publishing,  Bo Jackson and Amos Otis have an equal number of votes in my latest Bracket Challenge. Anyone want to be the tie-breaker?

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