Thursday, November 2, 2017

Congrats to the Astros!

Congratulations to the World Champion Houston Astros! You know you watched an epic Series when Game 7 turned out to be the least interesting game. It was an amazing battle between two very evenly matched teams, and you can only tip your hat to both teams and thank them for an amazing ride.

2017 Bowman #87 George Springer

Is it just me, or have the past few World Series been incredibly entertaining? Many (myself included) will regard this as one of the best Series ever. Funny thing is, many (myself included) said the same thing about last year's Series between the Cubs and Indians. Three of the past four World Series have gone to seven games. I don't know, it just seems like there is so much parity in the game right now that we end up with two teams that don't have any heavy advantages. That makes for great baseball!

I'm glad Houston won. Even though they easily dispatched my Red Sox in the ALDS, they are an easy team to root for. There are a lot of likeable players, and you have to be happy for most of them. Young guys like Carlos Correa and George Springer have what is hopefully the first of many rings, while 20 year vet Carlos Beltran finally gets one in what may be his final season.

2017 Stadium Club #143 Carlos Beltran

All you can ask as a fan is that the World Series entertains, and this one did a great job in that department. Live it up Astros fans - your team earned this one!

A few Astros signed this for me in 2015, including Springer and Correa.


  1. I may be a touch biased, but nothing will ever top last years World Series in this Cubs fan's heart! Although, this was a pretty interesting one, for certain.

    I didn't really find myself pulling strongly for one club or the other, but I am certainly glad that Verlander and Beltran finally got rings. Plus, former Cubbie prospect Marwin Gonzalez. Also, I used to work for a Texas-based company and there were a lot of Astro fans in my midst during the rebuilding years for Houston and Chicago; we bonded over our shared misery. So, in the long run, I guess I actually was rooting for the Astros!

  2. I don't know that I'll ever witness a more entertaining series in my lifetime even if my team is in it! By the way Matt, I need a shipping address from you. Can you shoot me an email? dionne.tribsports at gmail