Friday, November 3, 2017

Payday Pack - Where There Is Smoke...

2017 Topps Fire

I read a few reviews on this set, and they've been mixed. Since I was in Target recently and their were only 2 packs left, I decided to grab one.

My personal opinion - They're OK. I find the designs a little too "busy" and most of the cards just look off, but there are some gems in here. As usual, I'll highlight my 3 favorites:

3rd place

2017 Topps Fire #121 Cody Bellinger (RC)

If you're only going to buy one pack of a product, getting a rookie card of one of the premiere rookies from this season is definitely a good pull. This is one of the examples of the color scheme really meshing well all around on a card. The use of grey for the player is excellently used here.

2nd Place

2017 Topps Fire - Golden Grabs Blue Chip #GG1 Anthony Rizzo

This is digitally created artwork. Amazing card.

1st Place

2017 Topps Fire - Orange #49 Bo Jackson

The base set "lightning cards" are not really that impressive. Throw some foil on there, however, and these cards transform! The lightning shimmers and practically crackles in your hand. I bet this is what the graphic designers had in mind when making these cards.

Also new to my collection:

#111 Tyler Glasnow RC
#162 Dansby Swanson RC
#122 Jose De Leon RC
#164 Braden Shipley RC
#WO-11 Mark Trumbo (Walk Off insert)
#99 Adrian Beltre (Blue Chip parallel)
#56 Nelson Cruz
#96 Ian Happ RC
#193 Jake Arrieta


  1. I really don’t know what to think. I’ve only bought one rack pack thus far...mainly because I can’t find any at my local Target stores.

    I guess I like the idea, but I agree the overall design is a bit busy for my taste. What I’ve seen if the inserts are cool, but again with all the parallels.