Thursday, March 22, 2018

Spring Traing 2018 - Other Adventures

We were supposed to go to Sarasota on Tuesday to watch the Orioles take on the Rays. Heavy rain and a tornado watch however cancelled it. The good news is that we got makeup tickets to Thursday game against the Red Sox! I'm Ok with that! 

Yesterday, we traveled to Tampa to George Steinbrenner Field. We didn't go to the game. (Prices there are rediculous - at the parking lot, we checked with a "reseller" and he offered us tickets at $70 each!)

Anyway, our primary intent was to hang around the practice field and try to get some autographs. We had a good view of the pitchers doing drills in the outfield.

As for autographs, I scored two big ones. (Sorry, not THOSE two....)

First I got former Yankee ace Ron Guidry, then later got current Yankee ace Luis Severino! Even a Red Sox fan like me can't complain about that!

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  1. Guidry and Severino?! You did well. Crazy that it's so hard to get a ticket to a spring training game.