Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Swapping Cards With Nachos Grande

For the second time in the past month, I've traded with Chris from the blog Nachos Grande. He was one of my trade partners in the Time Travel Trading series, and recently he blogged about the Eric Hosmer card I sent him. From that post I saw his want list for this year's base set. I knew I had some cards off his list, and initiated another trade. In exchange for 8 cards on his list, he sent me these in return:

2017 Topps Archives

When Archives came out last year, I was able to snag one pack. The next time I went shopping, they were all gone, and neither Wal-Mart nor Target would stock any more. The curse of Judge-mania hit and prevented me from buying a set I had every intention of buying plenty of. Oh well. I'm happy Chris could at least put a dent in the Red Sox cards I needed from that set. Thanks for the trade Chris - you are officially my first multi-trade partner!

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