Monday, May 14, 2018

My First Blog Bat Around - Infinity War

 I decided I wanted to try my hand at creating my own Blog Bat Around, and came up with an idea based on the Avengers: Infinity War movie. I'm going to assume that since the movie has been out for about a month now, that a spoiler warning isn't necessary, but just in case you're one of the few that has no idea how the movie ended:

****Spoiler Warning****


Thanos kills half of all creation. Half of the Marvel heroes that appeared in this movie faded away to dust with nothing more than a snap of his fingers.


Based on that evil action, I thought it would be fun to make a similar choice. I thought of two potential ways of incorporating this concept:

1. With a snap of your fingers, you receive a complete set of your choice. This set is in mint condition. However, half of your collection as it stands now fades away into nothingness. You have no idea what cards will disappear - junk wax, autographs, relics - all are fair game. Would you do it? What set would be worthy of such a heavy price?

2. With a snap of your fingers, you legally obtain every known copy of one card in existence. Just think, all of those T206 Honus Wagners could be yours to do with as you please! However, you must name a player. That athlete will have all of their collectables erased from history. The player and their career is not affected, they just lose anything associated with them. Set completionists will curse you for all eternity, as these cards will forever leave gaps in their sets. What card do you covet most? Who among the cardboard faces will never be in a PC collection?

Sounds like fun? Here's how I'd roll the dice:

1. As amazing as it would be to own a mint vintage set, I couldn't risk losing the autographed Mantle in my possession.  It has such enormous sentimental value that I really couldn't bear that cost.

2. I'll admit, I think it was easier for me to name a disappearing athlete than a card I'd want every copy of. Still, I think I would have to pick the 1954 Topps Ted Williams. It's arguably the greatest and most coveted Red Sox baseball card, and with good reason.

1954 Tops #1 Ted Williams

As for the athlete, I'd pick Mel Hall. He's one of the most despicable people to ever put on a uniform, and the junk wax era wouldn't miss him one iota. He deserves to be forgotten.

It's your turn, fellow bloggers. The gauntlet is in your hands...


  1. Yeah, I'm with you on #1, no set is worth half of my collection except maybe for the full complete with all variations front and back (apx 4300 cards) t206 set. I could do that.

    #2 is an easy one. 1952 Topps Eddie Mathews and the athlete to disappear from cardboard and the like would be Colin Kaepernick.

  2. This is a cool idea for a BBA, I hope it catches on. I never got into comic books or super heroes so even though I'm one of the three people alive who haven't seen it I didn't mind reading your spoilers.

    I'd love to have a complete set of 1956 Topps or 1968 Topps baseball - and yeah, I do think it would be worth risking half my collection if all of the cards were in mint condition.

    I think #2 is too generous. One copy of every card, just to make one player's collectibles disappear? Sign me up! I'll even choose a Hall of Famer - O.J. Simpson.

    I'm not sad that Kaep is no longer in the NFL- but only because he killed my Packers (metaphorically) O.J. actually killed two people. No one is going to miss his cards and memorabilia except O.J. himself. And if they never existed it might have kept the Juice out of jail.

  3. I'm always down for a Blog Bat Around. Stay tuned.


  4. Well, considering Mel Hall would complete a couple sets I'm working on... I would shake my fist at you lol