Friday, May 4, 2018

Payday Pack - Blowing Raspberries

It's payday! Finances being what they are, it'll be just a cheap $2 pack of 2018 Topps base set this time. Still, lot's of good photography here! Allow me to present my Top 3...

3rd Place

2018 Topps #8 Detroit Tigers (TC)

Athletes standing in line for the anthem will always be a classy shot. The crowd behind them just makes this card even better!

2nd Place

2018 Topps #24 Martin Maldonado

Catchers make some of the best action shots, especially if there is a helmet flying off somewhere.

1st Place

2018 Topps #72 Chester Cuthbert

No contest for first place! That face just cracks me up!

Others Not Appearing On Stage:
#345 Jose Reyes
#170 Christian Yelich
#45 Giancarlo Stanton (LL)
#92 Charlie Blackmon (LL)
#LTM-AM Andrew McCutchen (Legend In The Making insert)
#319 David Peralta
#2 Clayton Kershaw (LL)
#309 Josh Reddick
#208 Andrew Cashner

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