Monday, May 21, 2018

Time Travel Trading Update #11

The writer sat staring blankly at his computer screen. All was silent except for the sound of chirping crickets.


I knew eventually that this series would lose steam and start to wind down. However, I'll admit that after my last update (which was huge in scope), I thought I'd have enough momentum to keep going a while longer. Alas, it wasn't the case. In the month since the last update I have received zero trade offers. Zero. Zilch. Nada. What's a poor time traveler to do? Time traveling isn't as much fun without a companion or two. If this project really is beginning its slow decent to completion, it's not going to go without a fight.

You forced me into this. I didn't want to go this route, but times are tough...

I'm going to have to start pimping!

Since I have no standing offers, I'm going to highlight two cards from the trade stack. If I don't get any offers on them, then they'll be retired and officially added to my collection. I'll just keep whittling down the stack until it is empty.

Let's pimp some cards! I'll start with one newer one and one vintage:

2013 Topps Update #US84 Stephen Drew

Drew is the only card from the 21st century in the trade stack, and has been hanging around since February. He's depicted with the Red Sox here, the same year he won his only Championship ring. He's also one of the players involved in a rare trade between the Red Sox and Yankees.  If your looking for an easy trade, this is it. Anything from the junk wax era will claim this card.

How Acquired: Received with 2 other cards in exchange for a 2018 Topps Eric Hosmer.

Why should you want this card? - If you like cards where the player makes a funny face, Stephen is a strong contestant. That grimace lets you know he didn't just casually toss the ball!

1973 Topps #102 Rudy May

May is one of 5 cards I have available from 1973, and has been waiting his turn in the stack since March. He's most famous for winning the AL ERA title in 1980 while playing for the Yankees.

How Acquired - Received along with 9 other cards in exchange for a 1981-82 Topps Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Why should you want this card? -  Rudy is in a classic 70's windup pose, even though it's obvious he's not even holding a baseball!

These cards are here, awaiting a new home! Will it be yours? Make an offer on these two, or any of the cards left in the stack! Help me keep this series going! All it takes is a card (preferably baseball) older than the card or cards you want in return!

The Time Travel Trade Stack:

2013 Topps Update
#US84 Stephen Drew

1995 Comic Images Phil Rizzuto's Baseball
#24 New York Giants

1992 Topps
#560 Rickey Henderson

1990-91 Hoops (basketball)
#168 Glen Rice (RC)

1990 Topps
#18 Carlos Quintana

1986 Topps
#2 Rose Special '63-'66
#3 Rose Special '67-'70
#4 Rose Special '71-'74
#5 Rose Special '75-'78
#6 Rose Special '79-'82
#7 Rose Special '83-'85
 #401 Fernando Valenzuela (Turn Back The Clock)

1981-82 Topps (basketball)
#14 Moses Malone

1981 Topps
#63 Steve Renko
#704 Bill Travers

1980 Topps
#671 A's Future Stars

1979 Topps
#130 Bob Watson
#455 Bill Lee

1978 Topps
#24 Don Money
#193 Rich Chiles
#347 Terry Forster
#445 Mike Ivie
#471 Roy Smalley
#581 Lynn McGlothen

1977 Topps
#294 George Medich
#524 Rowland Office

1973-74 O-Pee-Chee (hockey)
#53 Richard Lemieux

1973 Topps
#18 Leroy Stanton
#36 Steve Barber
#98 Dick Woodson
#99 Carl Taylor
#102 Rudy May

1972 Topps
#374 Jack Heidemann

1970 Topps
#103 Frank Reberger

1969 Topps
#453 Mike Cueller

1969 Topps - Deckle Edge
#13 Mel Stottlemyre

1969 Topps (football)
#154 Sam Baker

1967 Philadelphia (football)
#109 New York Giants (TC)

1966 Topps
#444b Checklist 430-506 (CL)

1965 Philadelphia (football)
#193 John Paluck

1964 Philadelphia (football)
#172 Ken Gray (RC)

1964 Topps
#305 Jack Lamabe

1963 Topps
#111 Al Jackson
#155 Bill Stafford

1962 Post Cereal
#58 Frank Malzone

1962 Topps
#278 Ken Johnson

1960 Topps
#95 Frank Thomas
#138 Art Mahaffey (RC, RS)

1959 Topps (football)
#80 Joe Perry

1956 Topps Flags of the World (non-sport)
#70 Jordan

1954 Bowman
#16 Jim Wilson

1952 Bowman
#57 Clyde Vollmer

1938 Church & Dwight Useful Birds Of America Tenth Series (J9-6) (non-sport)
#2 Black-throated Green Warbler

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