Friday, June 22, 2018

Goodwill Bag Of Junk Wax

There's a Goodwill about a quarter of a mile down the road from where I work. Occasionally I take my lunch break and wander around for a bit. This store never has baseball cards, but one particular day last month I spotted some:

Plastic bag free with purchase!

I agree, not much to look at. Junk wax galore, and not necessarily in the best of shape! It was only 99 cents however, less than I spend on a 30 card repack from the Dollar Store. What the heck, there might be something interesting among all those early 90's Donruss. At least I get a blog post out of it!

I separated the cards out into 4 piles - The two largest sets (1991 Donruss and 1988 Score), all other baseball cards, and all non-baseball cards. I'll keep track of  cards I need, Red Sox cards, and any Hall of Famers. Lets see what I ended up with!

1991 Donruss

As it stands now, I'm 35 cards short of completing this set. There's a chance I may actually pick up a few cards I need!

What do you know? 6 cards closer to completion! Not a bad way to start!

Total Cards: 114
Cards I Needed: 6
Red Sox: 3
Hall of Famers: 7

1988 Score

This set, on the other hand, I have completed already. I still sorted through them however, on the off-chance there was an error card or two.

Good thing I did! It turns out that almost half of the cards were of the glossy variety. Shows what I know - I didn't even know Score had glossy cards then! Apparently they were part of a factory set. All those glossy are technically needs...

Total Cards: 134
Cards I Needed: 63
Red Sox: 2
Hall of Famers: 0

Random Baseball Cards 

The rest of these cards were a neat assortment ranging from 1984 - 2000. There were some noteworthy things in here, including:

  • A complete 2010 Topps Philadelphia Phillies team set

  • A 1988 Leaf Rated Rookie of Hall of Famer Roberto Alomar

  • A couple of Senior League Cards

  • A 1993 Fleer Final Edition Ozzie Smith. Apparently, Fleer forgot to add Ozzie to the base set, and they took a lot of flack for that.  They put him in the Update set to make up for it.

Total Cards:116
Cards I Needed: 63
Red Sox: 3
Hall of Famers: 7

Non-Baseball Cards

Unfortunately, there were a lot of CCG gaming cards in this bag, mostly Avatar and World of Warcraft. I have no desire to keep any of it, so I'll probably just send these back to Goodwill. There were however two cards that I thought were cool and worth showing off:

  • This Protoceratops card from Sunkist Fruit Snacks - These dinosaur fact cards were issued by Sunkist in the late 80's. I especially like the artwork on it.

  • One of the Avatar game cards was one of those 2-in-1 pull out cards. Even though I no nothing about the card or the game, it's still interesting.

Total Cards: 83
Cards I Needed: 0

The Grand Total

Total Cards: 447
Cards I Needed: 132
Red Sox: 8
Hall of Famers: 14

So out of 447 cards in the bag, about 30% are cards I didn't have, and all for under a penny apiece! Not a bad haul for a random stop at the local Goodwill!


  1. Not bad for a buck! Glad you found some cards you could use. I like that Sunkist dinosaur card..I dont remember seeing any of those as a kid.

  2. Fun! I think I had a couple of those Dino cards as a kid. I’m almost certain I can help you with the rest of the 1991 Donruss set. We’re any of those Score glossies Astros?

    1. Yeah, 4 of them - Bob Knepper, Dave Smith, Billy Hatcher, and Juan Agosto. They're yours is you want them, just send me an email at mattkeppel -at- yahoo - dot- com!

  3. Oh man. The next time you're in the Bay Area, let me know. One of the flea markets I go to has bags and boxes of this stuff all day long. You'd be in baseball card heaven.