Friday, June 1, 2018

Payday Pack - Get Dirty

I've reached that point in the year where all that's really left at Wally World is Series 1 and some sets I don't particularly have an interest in. Just a lowly 12-pack today, and I must say that even though I'm under 60% complete, I only managed 2 needs here. Not great. At least Series 2 will be out in a few weeks...

3rd Place

2018 Topps #235 Mark Reynolds

Besides Ryan Zimmerman, Mark Reynolds is probably the best known University of Virginia alum to make the Major Leagues. Both of them are playing for the Washington Nationals, and hopefully both can get playing time once Zimmerman is off the DL.

2nd Place

2018 Topps #40 Carlos Santana

I love the look on his face. I can almost hear a Rick Flair style "Woooo!" escaping from his lips...

1st Place

2018 Topps #35 Logan Forsythe

I almost missed this. I wasn't going to give this card much of a second thought, but then I noticed the dirt on his hand. The grains of infield cascading down can only mean one thing. Mr Forsythe has just pulled off one of the coolest plays an infielder can do - the bare-handed field and throw! This is photography at its finest!

Others Not Appearing On Stage:
#164 Adeiny Hechavarria
#348 Hisashi Iwakuma
#196 Orlando Arcia (FS)
#217 Erick Fedde (RC)
#LTM-GS Giancarlo Stanton (Legend In The Making insert)
#KB-25 Kris Bryant (Kris Bryant insert)
#154 George Springer (WS)
#250 Buster Posey
#209 Eugenio Suarez

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