Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Top 9 #9 From the Last 9

There's a contest going on at It's Like Having My Own Card Shop. He has been celebrating the 9th anniversary of his blog all month long. The theme of his posts has been the number 9, and now he's running a contest where fellow bloggers can enter by posting some sort of list of 9.

A list of 9 is easy enough, but a list of what? I decided to fully embrace the 9 motif and look at the #9 card from each Topps base set from the past 9 years. Who the greatest #9? Using each player's career WAR, here's how they would rank:

9. Jesus Montero (-0.3 WAR)

2012 Topps #9 Jesus Montero (RC)

The only negative WAR on the list belong to one of This decade's all time great busts. Montero was a highly rated prospect who just flat out couldn't succeed at the MLB level.

8. Jon Gray (5.7 WAR)

2018 Topps #9 Jon Gray

If this list was rating cards based on their hair, Gray would win hands down. He looks like he could be in a shampoo and conditioner commercial.

7. Dustin Ackley (8.1 WAR)

2014 Topps #9 Dustin Ackley

Ackley hasn't played a major league game since 2016, but he's still kicking around. He signed with the Angels this past April.

6. Dee Gordon (11.0 WAR)

2013 Topps #9 Dee Gordon

I'm hoping Stephen King writes a sequel to one of his books called "The Girl Who Had No Strong Feelings For Dee Gordon."

5. Eric Hosmer (15.9 WAR)

2016 Topps #9 Eric Hosmer

Hosmer is one of the celebrated leaders of a World Series team, and signed a nice contract with San Diego this off season. Yet, as of now, he's behind another Royal...

4. Gil Meche (16.9 WAR)

2011 Topps #9 Gil Meche

Gil Meche, ladies and gentleman!

3. Tim Lincecum (19.7 WAR)

2010 Topps #9 Tim Lincecum (AW)

Was there any pitcher more dominate from 2008-2011? Lincecum's card celebrates his second straight Cy Yong award.

2. Hunter Pence (30.0 WAR)

2015 Topps #9 Hunter Pence (WS)

Back-to-back Giants! Hunter Pence gets 2015's #9 slot after his heroics in the World Series.

1. Chris Sale (39.8 40.4 WAR)

2017 Topps #9 Chris Sale

When I initially looked up the career WAR stats on Saturday, Sale led the list with 39.8 WAR. Then he pitched Sunday, throwing 7 shutout innings with 13K, and look how much his WAR jumped! This guy is a beast, and I'm glad he's doing it for my favorite team!


  1. Cool list. Chris Sale is an absolute beast! I would have thought Hosmer's WAR was better

  2. Very cool 9 card post! Thanks for entering my contest!