Saturday, March 23, 2019

Adventure At Spring Traing - Game #4: Red Sox at Orioles

Wednesday, March 20

For the last game of the trip, we went back to Sarasota to watch the Orioles take on the defending World Champions. The Red Sox kept the bigger names at home, but the starting lineup was packed with regular season starters.

Starting lineups

I obviously watched the pre game routine along the Red Sox side, and was surprised to see former Captain Jason Varitek in the field shagging balls.

That's Tek on the right

He didn't stop and sign unfortunately, and most of the team was focused on warm ups. I at least managed to get one autograph, from AAA outfielder depth Bryce Brentz.  I'll take it!

The game was a typical Red Sox game. They fell behind early, but came back to win in the late innings. Actually, this wasn't so much a Red Sox comeback as it was a complete and hilarious Orioles meltdown. The O's were up 4-2 in the 8th. After a quick groundout, the Red Sox loaded the bases on a double, a passed ball, and two walks. I'll let the MLB app show you the rest:

Yikes! 2 passed balls, a wild pitch, and a throwing error by the catcher! Not good! Still I'll take a Red Sox win any way I can!

Red Sox shagging flies

Rafael Devers takes BP

Eduardo Nunez
and Brock Holt

Bullpen shot

Two funny stories to share as I wrap this up:

1. As I was trying to catch an autograph, I struck up a conversation with an Orioles fan next to me. Turned out we were both born in Dunkirk, NY! What are the odds of that?

2. Boog Powell totally lied to me. We had heard he was at the stadium near his BBQ restaurant in the outfield concourse, so we tried to get an autograph. We spotted him in line getting a beer, and politely asked if we could get his signature. He flat out told us he wasn't Boog, and that Boog was in the kitchen. The look on the beer servers' faces told us all we need to know. We did pass by the kitchen and saw a guy who turned out to be Boog's son! I can't be mad at the guy for blowing me off, the story is at least worthwhile! 😂

It was a great week! I even picked up some baseball cards, but that will be another post!

I had to take this selfie!

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  1. Getting a Bryce Brentz auto isn't too shabby. Hopefully the Sox finally utilize him and his talent in the future.