Monday, August 31, 2020

Cards Once Owned By A Panini Employee In Training

Earlier this month, Bo from Baseball Cards Come To Life had a Free Card Friday. I managed to contain myself and only pick up 4 cards:

The UK Mini is one of those sets that I'm not actively trying to complete, but I have enough of them that I'll pick up a stray now and again.  Then there is the Upper Deck Masterpiece, which honestly doesn't look like Yaz, but is still a work of art. Finally, there are two well-loved vintage, which have been carefully given the unlicensed treatment by having the Red Sox name and logo blotted out. Thanks for the cards, Bo!

Favorite Card: Marked up or not, gotta love a card of the man who led the "Impossible Dream" Red Sox to the World Series!


  1. Glad these found a good home!

  2. That UD Masterpieces Yaz is awesome. One of the best products from that era. Although I'm used to seeing the older version of him from the early 80's, I think the artist did a pretty decent job with a 60's version of him.