Monday, August 17, 2020

I'll Lead, You Follow

I usually spend about an hour or so each morning reading other blogs. Depending on how many new posts there are, I'll try to at least skim through each one (Of course there are a few "must-reads"!) More often than not something will catch my attention and I'll end up going back and reading the whole post from the beginning. 

I was reading a particular favorite blog of mine recently, and it wasn't so much that day's content that caught my attention, but rather the list of followers on the side. The blog had less followers than me, and that didn't seem it could possibly be correct. 

It led me to looking at the numbers of the other blogs I read (at least, those that use the follower feature on Blogger). There's quite a few out there with less followers than me, and to be perfectly honest, they deserve more. I thought it would be nice to just highlight a few blogs I read, and encourage my followers to give them a follow as well. Maybe I'll make this a monthly thing, just something simple to spread the love.

Here are 3 blogs that deserve your time  and attention:

Collecting Cutch

There are super-collectors, and then there is Brian. Brian is the ultimate Andrew McCutchen fan, and has close to 3,000 unique cards in his collection. The best reason to follow his blog however, comes during his Save Second Base event in October. Brian is a huge supporter of breast cancer awareness and research, and his daily October posts feature plenty of  pink cards and lovely ladies. 

Give Collecting Cutch a follow now!

Horizontal Heroes

You may know him as Comishbob from the blog The Five Tool Collector, but he has another blog where he's showing off each and every card from the beautiful 1960 Topps set. Each vintage card gets its own write-up, showcasing the players career and how they did in 1960.

Give Horizontal Heroes a follow now!

Nothing If Not Random

Sometimes it's good to read posts about stuff outside of the trading card hobby. Don't worry, you'll get plenty of that too, but with TV, movie and music reviews mixed in as well. This is also the home of the Affordable Group Break, where he frequently busts cheap boxes of cards.

Give Nothing If Not Random a follow now!

As I said, there's plenty of other blogs out there that could use a boost, so maybe I'll make this a regular thing. 

Happy reading!


  1. I'm thinking part of this "mystery"? of small number of followers on older blogs and blogs that "should" be more popular than they appear could be a higher number of people reading blogs from their bookmarks and not taking the time to formally "follow". I know you can follow a blog privately, but I thought the number of followers would show that there was an anonymous follower. But still pretty strange.

    Now for some blogs the lower follower count may be because of a more specific blog topic for instance "Collecting Cutch" since that blog is specific to one particular player some may not be interested in reading it because they are not a Cutch fan, or are a fan of a rival team.

  2. I've never quite grasped what it means to follow. Do you get emails with notices that there are new posts? Don't want that.
    Or is there a "feed" page on blogger or some other social media?
    I just use the blogroll ( or my own blogroll off my blog to see what's new.

    1. Yeah there's a tab for blogs you follow on Blogger.. Called the "Reading List" on the new version.

  3. I follow all three of these guys. CC's collection is insane. The Commish and I bond over education and vintage. And I like the variety on Bulldog's blog.

  4. Those are all good ones. I believe I'm following them already.