Friday, August 7, 2020

Payday Pack - A Dandy Sandy

Wal-Mart's card section mocks me. It knows I'm hoping for some new product. It even teases me sometimes. You would think I would know better, be stronger, look away. But that itch, that deep addict's itch to open a pack gnaws at me. I can't help but see what crumbs the barren wasteland has left for me.

Bare shelves, unless you're looking for Pokemon. Sure, a few boxes of Series 1 and Heritage are there, as they always are. Plenty of last year's stickers, a hanger of Opening Day. Nothing to excite me. I settled for cheap. I settled for unexciting. For this edition of Payday Pack, I settled for a lone pack of last year's Gallery.

3rd Place

2019 Topps Gallery - Masterpiece
#MP-9 Francisco Lindor

I'm not a huge fan of Gallery. The artwork is very hit or miss. Plus, between the Living Set and Project 2020, it's an over-saturated niche. Still, I can appreciate the gems, including this masterpiece. The action/portrait blend works well.

2nd Place

2019 Topps Gallery - Wood
#124 J.D. Hammer (RC)

I'm not going to lie. I am unfamiliar with Mr. Hammer, so I had to Google him to see if he really is this goofy-looking (He's not). Those glasses are so fantastic however, that I hope he achieves a Chris Sabo level of iconic fame for them. Where those specs with pride!

1st Place
2019 Topps Gallery - Hall of Fame Green
#HOFG-14 Sandy Koufax

Serial numbered cards are good. Relatively low numbered serial cards are better. Relatively low numbered serial cards of Hall of Fame players are the best! These green bordered parallel cards are numbered to 250, and you can't argue with an iconic pitcher like Sandy Koufax!

Other Contestants not Appearing On Stage:
#16 Harold Ramirez (RC)
#73 Josh James (RC)
#62 Christian Yelich
#123 Luis Severino
#106 Rhys Hoskins
#65 Jacob Nix (RC) (Wood parallel)
#17 Justin Upton
#19 Myles Straw (RC)
#68 Kohl Stewart


  1. Kinda surprised the Pokemon collectors aren't hoarding Pokemon cards like card collectors are doing. Even more surprised you found a pack of 2019 Gallery laying around.

  2. That is a nice looking Francisco Lindor card! I will defintely have to be on the lookout for it for my collection.

  3. I don't usually go for Gallery either, but the Lindor and Koufax are nice pulls! J.D. Hammer is such a cool name. Topps didn't do him any favors with that "artwork" though.

  4. Gallery today is not the Gallery of old. I don;t mind being on the receiving end in a trade but will not spend a dime on them. Yes, this means not even dimebox Gallery. The Koufax is nice which is a rarity considering the overall hideousness of the 'art'work.