Monday, August 10, 2020

Mystery Red Sox From Penny Sleeve

Way back in May, Jon from A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts held a Free Stuff Friday overflowing with awesome cards. I, of course, claimed any unwanted Red Sox cards for my collection, and boy did I claim some beauties!

Every Red Sox fan know names like Foxx, Rice, and Evans. Even Hub Leonard is a name that'll ring a few bells. But those two cards from the 1978 TCMA The 1960's set feature names I had never heard of before. Bill Spanswick? Arnold Earley?
That's what makes baseball card collecting fun, isn't it? I took a few minutes a researched these men.
Spanswick only managed one season in the Majors, but still had some amazing professional moments. In the minors, he once struck out 22 players in a 9-inning game, and 25 batters during a 14-innibg shutout!  He's still involved in the sport, acting as an usher for Spring Training games at the Red Sox site in Fort Myers.

Early pitched a robust 8 seasons in the Majors. He made his major league debut the day before Ted Williams hit a home run in his final at bat. After a career pitching for the Red Sox, Cubs, and Astros, Early became a sheriff's deputy in Flint, MI.

They may not be household names, but history remembers them anyway.

Thanks for the cards, Jon!

Favorite cards: Gee, after all that research, I have to give the honor to Early and Spanswick don't I?


  1. It's always cool to learn about Red Sox players from the past. FSF was fun and Jon is very generous. I hope he resurfaces soon.

  2. Loved that Sox outfield featuring Rice, Evans, and Lynn. It's gotta be one of the best outfields from my childhood.

  3. TCMAs are among my favorite oddballs. Let's go over to P-sleeves last post and bombard him with messages. Maybe he needs a little push ;) He is a thoughtful, generous fellow. Hopefully, he's been out enjoying summer!

  4. For an all time record holder, Hub sure looks sad.

  5. Never heard Dutch Leonard called Hub before, so I had to look it up. His given name was Hubert. LOL