Friday, August 14, 2020

Johnny's Trading Spot BFG (August Edition)

Another month, another Big Fun Game courtesy of Johnny from Johnny's Trading Spot! I got signed up early enough to me a part of lasts Friday's game, and as usual I'm quite happy with the cards I ended up with!

Stealing another player's pick is half the fun of these games, so I hope that my pick is closer towards the end so I can see if anyone else has something good. That was the case this time, and I picked up a few new Red Sox cards for my efforts.


These 1987 Fleer World Series cards were originally included in factory sets, so pack rippers like me never got the joy of pulling one. Although the 1986 World Series is one Red Sox fans look back as a missed opportunity, it's still worth remembering a great team that kept fighting and didn't give up.


Do you know what the best part of this set is? The write-ups on the back! Fleer didn't focus on the game score, instead focusing on the individual players who excelled in the spotlight. Hard to believe that a set dedicated to the 1986 World Series doesn't even mention Bill Buckner's error! Just goes to show you how a narrative can change over time!

Favorite Card: Marty Barrett has the best action shot. I would love to see a clearer, higher-resolution version of it!

Can you believe that there are still open spots available for the rest of Johnny's BFG this month? Seriously, it's free cards! Even if your not around to play he gives out consolation prizes. Sign up

As always, thanks again for the free cards Johnny!


  1. well, they might have mentioned it (buckys error) on one of the other cards, lol.

  2. This was the key prize of this game. ... I HATE picking first.

  3. I'm familiar with Fleer's World Series inserts from the 80's, but I somehow missed these entirely.