Friday, October 2, 2020

How I Spent My $25 From Ebay


To be honest, I didn't think it would happen.

In my twenties, I used eBay a lot. I was one of those people that supplemented their income by going to yard sales and then flipping what I found online. It wasn't a bad side hustle. I still remember my biggest score - a stack of vintage Sports Illustrated magazines from the 60's and 70's that I had little trouble selling for well over what I paid. 

That was a long time ago, and I haven't sold anything since them. My purchases were rare as well. So much so that when I logged in last year, my account was gone. Despite my email still being on file, I had to create a new eBay ID. My sale/purchase history, all of my positive feedback - gone. So, when I started reading about people getting $25 credit on eBay, I figured I wouldn't be one of them.

Then I got the email. Sure enough, I got eBay's golden ticket - a code for $25 off my next purchase. I wasn't going to let that slip away, so I logged onto eBay and started searching.

I figured this would be a good opportunity to add an autographed Red Sox card to my collection, so that's what I searched for, keeping my price range in that golden $25.01-$30.00 range. Lots of great Red Sox players popped up - a signed Mo Vaughn, a Dwight Evans relic/auto, Wade Boggs - the possibilities were endless!

Then I saw it. A card that just was too beautiful to pass up. The price was right too - $25.56, free shipping. After applying my $25 gift, I spent (with tax) a grand total of $1.91 for this:

I couldn't go wrong with a Red Sox Hall of Famer like Jim Rice! The card itself, a 2013 Topps Five-Star, is amazing, and Rice has one of the cleanest signatures in baseball. The card is incredibly thick - not exactly sure but I want to say about 1/4 inch, and is serial numbered to 386 copies. It looks great in hand and I'm so excited to add it to my collection!

Thanks eBay!


  1. I'd say you chose wisely...congrats!

  2. Nice one! I only got an offer for 25% off 25 different vendors. None of them sold sportscards. :(

  3. Awesome purchase. Can't beat $1.91. 2013 Five Star is one of my favorite autographed card issues from the last ten years. For awhile I was playing with the idea of building this set, but the short prints are just way too expensive.

  4. How odd that your old eBay account was deleted, yet you were able to create a new one under the same email address. I guess that was enough to score the coupon, and this fantastic Jim Rice auto. Excellent choice!

  5. Couldn't have happened to a better person! :)