Monday, November 9, 2020

Creative Cards That Always Should

When it comes to creativity, I consider myself to be average at best. I may have a few moments here or there, but the word "creative" probably isn't the word most people think of when my name is mentioned. 

Some of my fellow bloggers on the other hand are highly skilled at creating things, and it never ceases to impress me when they show off their latest masterpieces.

I was the lucky beneficiary of such creative genius when I saw the latest card creations over at Cards That Never Were. If you've never been to this blog, you should. It features an endless array of custom created cards that are just flat out amazing. You can even buy some of them if you so desire! The latest offering on the web site is a pack of 12 cards (plus an insert) featuring some true greats of the game and some lesser known favorites! You can even buy individual cards on eBay (His seller name is ctnwblog_8 - check it out!) Personally, I'm considering adding that amazing Ted Williams to my collection!

Due to a error, he ended up with a lot of extra copies of one of these cards, and decided to give some away. How could I not try to win a Wade Boggs/Ryne Sandberg?

This isn't a cheap production, either. It's on good card stock, and the photo quality is excellent. It really looks like it'd belong in a pack of 1982 Fleer cards (well, the card stock is better...)

Check out the back:

I love the QR code - it'll take you right to his blog. It's got a nice little write up for each Hall of Famer and you can tell he puts as much thought into the back as he does the fronts!

Thanks for the card, and keep up the incredible work!


  1. The QR code is a nice add on these. Fun card for sure. I really like mine as well.

  2. The QR code thing is ingenious.